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Workshops & Courses

Imaginative Watercolour Painting – Zoom course

This course will uncov­er your cre­ative voice through sup­port­ive and relax­ing exer­cis­es designed to devel­op your con­fi­dence to paint expressively.

This class will be taking place on Zoom and a selection of materials will be provided by post in advance.*

To paint from imagination can feel a little daunting. This course will uncover your creative voice through supportive and relaxing exercises designed to develop your confidence to paint expressively and intuitively. Using the jewel-like colours and evocative qualities of watercolour, explore memories, moods, dreams and visions in this luminous medium. Technical skills will be taught, but the emphasis is on art-making as a joyful practice that brings insight and wellbeing. For those who have previously attended this course, there will be development activities.

*If class is booked after 01/06/21 the materials may not arrive in time for the first class
B42 BD85 C 2608 4823 A03 A DA4733 B41 E5 B