Hope triumphs over adversity

Ruth Bate­man’s exhi­bi­tion explores the wilder­ness, through expres­sive paint­ings, and how impor­tant nature is in her own journey.

This exhibition explores Ruth Bateman's journey through nature and how it has helped her through dark and confusing times. This is reflected through her paintings. She feels connected to nature and explores this herself through rock-climbing, cycling and mountaineering and uses these experiences within her paintings, where inner and outer landscapes collide, seeking light and a beacon of hope through difficult times, celebrating differences.

'My work is ever evolving like my own journey, navigating and overcoming. Green shoots will grow, the clouds will break, a voice will be heard.'

She sometimes works on enormous bedsheets and always allows herself to be entirely instinctive with the paint, often using a range of innate colours.

'I believe in Hope, in unity. I paint intuitively and with expression' - Bateman