Sml CJV00167

Helios Rising | Veronica Wilton

Veron­i­ca Wilton’s first solo show with Close Ltd leads you through a nar­ra­tive of folk­lore & mythol­o­gy that dwells with­in the objects she sculpts.

02/03/22 – 30/04/22

Veronica Wilton presents a comprehensive body of work in her first exhibition, “Helios Rising” here at Close Ltd. Her dedication to her art practice offers a unique opportunity to see the work as a whole. Wilton has a new way of exploring ideas and translating them into a visual language, and the possibility of progression.

Her ideas around existence, perception, the natural environment versus superstition and story making, gives something to our collective memories of childhood and a technicolour landscape of objects and the meanings they evoke. The depth to the work is held in a belief that it is making a difference to the world, in a very unique and groundbreaking way. She takes us on a journey of thought process, describing ephemeral, transient feelings with actual events and moments in time.

This show is more like a story that unfolds. The meanings are not examined lest they lose themselves in labels. The multiple interpretations surround the viewer in a beauty dashed with darkness. The overriding theme links to nature and the reliance and security we draw from it. Post pandemic we are left with a true sense of the nature. How it recovered and how it gave back to us whilst we needed it most. The hope that our imaginations are capable of great things and that aesthetics dwell in contemplation and stillness. This sets a scene for understanding a complicated human condition, and our relationship to our planet, and collective responsibility.
Sml CJV00167
Installation Sculpture