Black SQUARE 1

Happenings: Creative Weekender by Together We Make, Pri's Art Salon & Marma Sessions.

A week­end cel­e­brat­ing cre­ativ­i­ty; mul­ti-sen­so­ry instal­la­tions, work­shops, artist-led show­cas­es, exhi­bi­tion space, play and immersion.

23/10/21 – 26/10/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00
Mon–Fri, Closed
Saturday, 11:00 – 20:00
Come and join the collaboration between Together We Make, Pri's Art Salon and Marma Sessions, for a weekend full of creative expression.

A space where the boundaries of performer and audience become entwined and dissolved as we create a welcoming space for all to be seen and heard!

The space holders:

Together We Make (@together.we.make.bristol)

Together We Make has been brought to life to showcase the colourful and rich diversity of Bristol and beyond’s creative scene. Throughout all of the possible manifestations that Together We Make is morphing and growing into, we find ourselves continually moving outwards from our core intention: to actively take part in creating and finding from the underground, a community of resilience, empowerment, and unity. We are currently focused on creating welcoming spaces and experiences which facilitate and support the act of making creativity our alliance as individuals and as a collective.

Pri’s Art Salon (@prisartsalon)

Pri’s Art Salon was founded in 2020 as an updated version of the traditional art salons’ from the 1920’s. Born from a lockdown in London and a need to brighten up our days with art in all its shapes, disciplines and precedences, Pri’s Art Salon is home to a wide and eclectic ever growing community of art seekers and creatives from London and beyond. It holds monthly events that have hosted several musicians, visual artists, poets, performers, photographers, printmakers and everything in between. Sometimes more psychedelic, other times more experimental; the salon is always a unique experience full of surprises, interactions, and emerging art. Pri’s Art Salon is forged from Pri Goncalves’ curatorial right eye and hosting powers, and Alba Urquia’s curatorial left eye and graphic tricks.

Marma Sessions (@marmasessions)

The Marma Project prioritises interactive, multi-sensory opportunities to access flow state. Marma provides interactive art resources, objects and improvised soundscapes, inviting and encouraging a brave space for self-directed play, curiosity and exploration, in response to and in collaboration with sensory stimuli in the room.