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Guided tour of Earth Spells - International Women’s Festival

Join our Con­tem­po­rary Art Cura­tor Lara Good­band for a guid­ed tour around RAMM’s new­ly opened exhi­bi­tion EARTH SPELLS: Witch­es of the Anthropocene.

This tour is taking place in conjunction with the International Women’s Festival, celebrating women’s resilience, at our neighbours Exeter Phoenix.

Through the work of eight contemporary artists, Earth Spells explores emotional, spiritual and otherworldly connections to nature and our entanglement with it. Central to the exhibition is a cauldron in RAMM’s collection, once owned by the self-identified ‘White Witch of Dartmoor’, Elizabeth Webb. Webb would have used the pot for creating herbal, healing remedies and is included in Earth Spells to encourage visitors to reflect on how we can support a symbiotic relationship with plants. Some of the commissioned artists artists, Hart, Peake and Stein, made visits to RAMM’s stores where they held the cauldron and ‘felt its aura’. The exhibition has been curated by RAMM’s Contemporary Art Curator Lara Goodband with freelance curator Gemma Lloyd.

Artists: Caroline Achaintre, Emma Hart, Kris Lemsalu, Mercedes Mühleisen, Grace Ndiritu, Florence Peake, Kiki Smith, Lucy Stein.

The event is free, but numbers are limited, so please book in advance.