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Growing Together

Take part in six seed activ­i­ties as part of our Grow­ing Togeth­er project.

Fed up of being stuck indoors? Excited to see glorious nature emerging again as spring unfolds?
Join RAMM in a seed-planting extravaganza!
Take part in six seed activities as part of our Growing Together project. Plant one a week following guidance on our social media channels, and learn a few fun facts along the way. A new activity will be released here each Monday in April and early May starting next week.
Seeds include tasty aromatic herbs, bright and bold flowers and magically medicinal blooms. All bee / nature-friendly and easy to care for in a garden or on your windowsill.
All seeds are available from the RAMM shop for £5 including free postage.
Grab your trowel, some soil, a few pots and get planting!
Let’s grow together
Growing together banner 2