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Grant Foster: Human Made

Human Made is an instal­la­tion of free-stand­ing, dou­ble-sided paint­ings, that sug­gest the per­me­abil­i­ty between mem­o­ry and dream.

Human Made is an installation of free-standing, double-sided paintings, that suggests the permeability between memory and dream, through an exploration of contemporary social issues, including gender, sexuality, wealth redistribution, and the artist’s own working-class, Trinidadian and British, dual-heritage background.

The exhibition presents two series of joined canvases which run through both of the gallery spaces. Each work is an interconnected component within a wider meta-narrative, employing a conventional painted surface while revealing a notational and diaristic reverse. The exposed backs of the canvases embed elements of text, sculpture, and film, collaged across their hand-made, repurposed timber stretchers, serving to expand the paintings’ interpretive possibilities.