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‘Goodbye Summer’ Katie Trick

New Draw­ings & Paint­ings by Katie Trick

07/10/21 – 23/10/21
Opening Times
Sun–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 11:00 – 18:00
‘Goodbye Summer’ is a collection of work made over the course of one summer. Singing landscapes, dancing flowers, hot summers sun. A celebration of life through painting and drawing.’

"My paintings sit between imagination and observation, pairing places with sound and colour. Finding ways to give language to the landscape around me, A landscape that at times feels close, but can also feel quiet and hidden.
I’m interested in the way in which the speed of working, the speed of mark making affects the sound of a painting. I want lines drawn to be joyful and songlike, confident and present. I aim not to be precious about the subjects that creep in and out, letting what’s found within the process be integral to the outcome. There are always reappearing motifs within my paintings, such as smoking chimneys, roofs of houses, hints of landscapes or buildings, yet I don’t want them to be dominant or begin to demand the image in any way. At times I feel like I’m playing the role of a storyteller but the painting dictates which way the story goes, and I like that, as I want to be surprised by what reveals itself - I want the painting to look back at me and feel unfamiliar and unexpected, but also familiar and intimate."
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