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Immer­sive Sound Instal­la­tion Explor­ing Insect Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Satel­lites at Goonhilly

Jamie House an innovative artist and researcher, presents an immersive sound installation that bridges the realms of insect communication and satellite technology. This thought-provoking experiential project, titled: GHY-3 Speculative Field Studies at Goonhilly Downs Cornwall UK SSSI combines elements borrowed from scientific methodologies and artistic expression to unravel the fascinating connection between these seemingly disparate worlds. The installation will be showcased for the first time here at Centrespace Gallery.

Drawing inspiration from the intriguing parallels between insect communication and the transmission of signals via satellites, Jamie has created a captivating sonic experience that immerses visitors in a thought-provoking exploration of these interconnected realms. The installation invites audiences to contemplate the intricacies of insect communication systems and their surprising resonance with satellite technology.

Through meticulous research and artistic experimentation, Jamie has crafted a multisensory experience that intertwines the ethereal sounds of insect communication with the digital signals transmitted by satellites. The installation leverages cutting-edge sound design techniques and spatial audio technology to transport visitors into a realm where insect use entomosonic communication a vibratory language to communicate with each other.

The sounds are harmonious and at times discordant with the signals that traverse the vastness of space.

"This project aims to uncover the hidden sonic vibratory worlds that exists between the microcosm of insect communication and the macrocosm of satellite transmissions," explains Jamie "By merging these two seemingly disparate worlds, I seek to evoke a cognitive state of intrigue and appreciation for the intricate ways in which life and technology intersect and what these sounds mean in times of climate crisis."

Jamie’s practice is research-based, process-oriented and multi-disciplinary, using video, photography, and sound to explore the intersections of art, science and nature through the lens of posthumanism.

Jamie is a British Photography Award recipient, and associate lecturer on MA Photography course University of Plymouth UK. He has presented his work at International and National symposia and has exhibited and published widely.