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Forced Collaboration

Forced Col­lab­o­ra­tion is an ongo­ing project match­ing artists prac­tices anony­mous­ly and cre­ates acces­si­ble space for cross-dis­ci­pli­nary collaboration

16/07/21 – 25/07/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00
Mon–Thu, Closed
Fri–Sat, 11:00 – 17:00
Forced Collaboration is an ongoing project that matches artists practices anonymously and creates accessible space for cross-disciplinary collaborations, through the process of making/following instructions, to create collaborative artworks.

Taking the pressure off the individuals own practice, this process allows experimentation with an idea you won't actually have to make, and the making of an artwork you didn’t actually think of. This dynamic format invites artists to create instructions on how to make an artwork, which are then shared with another artist who will interpret these into the creation of an artwork, and vice versa.

Auction House is delighted to host the first physical manifestation of Forced Collaboration as an exhibition, after having been running as an online platform for four years. In that time Forced Collaboration has facilitated over 200 collaborations between artists all over the world.

Featured in this show will be four artists, two from Cornwall, and two from elsewhere in the UK. These include, Shaun Badham, Naomi Frears, Shepherd Manyika and Olivia Brelsford- Massey.

Forced Collaboration is run by artist Georgia Gendall which has also selected and curated the artists for this show.
Shephard Manyika Undo it Do it Back up Repeat 2021 copy