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Faye Eleanor Woods 'The Grass Are Green, The Flowers is Brown and Crimson'

Ani­ma Mun­di are delight­ed to present a solo exhi­bi­tion of sur­re­al and sen­su­ous­ly sub­ver­sive paint­ings by Eleanor Faye Woods

Inherently influenced by British folklore and folk horror, Wood’s paintings tell their own tales rooted in corporeal experience which then becomes heightened or exaggerated resulting in a form of magical realism. A spirit of excess runs throughout the scenes that she depicts. Empowered yet vulnerable, the behaviour of paint sensualises her ruby red mouths, flushed cheeks, pert nipples and knees rubbed raw. Dancing, leaping, cavorting figures in various states of consciousness or undress, partake in a bacchanale which defies the hypocrisy of supposed propriety and convention, challenging the stiff upper lip. Eyes shine with ecstatic bewitchment as her animalistic protagonists dance and leap in a debaucherous state which teeters on the fine line edge between calamity and joy. What is conveyed is the relatable oddness that exists between the magical and the mundane. I am reminded of folk horror writer Arthur Machan who once said “Strangeness which is the essence of beauty is the essence of truth, and the essence of the world."

“Go on, jump!
Jump, jump!
No. The grass are green, the flowers is brown and crimson, so I shall not.
And besides, two centimetres is not far even if you are small.
I command you to jump.
Alright, I shall jump.  But you are a fool, because I am stuck and you know it. You stuck me.”
— Ivor Cutler, ‘Go On Jump’, 1967


Faye Eleanor Woods is a Scottish artist currently living and working in the Calderdale Valley in West Yorkshire. Since graduation from Gray’s School of Art in 2021 and being heralded by Elephant Magazine as a ‘One to Watch’ in its 'Pick Of The Years Most Exciting Art School Graduates’ feature, her work has quickly gained acclaim and has been widely exhibited including notable selection in the Royal Scottish Academy's most recent ‘New Contemporaries’ exhibition. Anima Mundi are delighted to present 'The Grass are Green and the Flowers is Brown and Crimson’ which is her debut solo exhibition.
Fayeeleanorwoodsthegrassaregreen1 copy