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Expressionism: Emotions Unchained

Who were the lead­ing Expres­sion­ist artists? What influ­enced them? How did they cre­ate art?

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17:00 – 18:00
Pandemic, urban crowding, international tension, political unrest, even warfare, depersonalisation of our lives. Issues of today? Yes, and also in the forefront a hundred years ago: the pandemic of 1918 that left at least 50 million people dead, the barbaric weapons and gassing in World War I, the advent of mechanisation and explosive urban growth that led to loss of identity.....

Brave musicians, visual artists and filmmakers created new art, new ways of trying to understand the new world. Their work is known as Expressionism – the portrayal of emotions that arise from experiencing daily realities, rather than representational portrayal of the realities themselves – and it speaks to us vibrantly, now.

Join Robert Taub, Director of Music from The Arts Institute at the University of Plymouth as he addresses these critical issues. Discussing pivotal Expressionist paintings and performing excerpts of Expressionist music, Dr Taub will illuminate the vibrant intersection of music and visual art of this artistic era of unbounded influence.

Tickets to this special event are free but advance booking is essential via The Box's website.

This talk is a preview of the upcoming Expressionism: Emotions Unchained festival which will take place at the University of Plymouth from 12-19 March 2022. The festival features concerts, a film screening and a visual art talk. Events are free to students with special festival prices for standard and concessionary tickets.
Bob Taub
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