Invisible Army 19 03

Exhibition: The Voices of Carers (Unpaid)

Show­cas­ing the hid­den lives of unpaid car­ers through pho­tog­ra­phy and writing

Invisible Army have been meeting with carers, wherever they feel most comfortable – at home or out on a walk – for some time now. During these meetings, the carers often share stories with Invisible Army. Carina (Invisible Army) will sometimes ask questions but the conversation is predominantly led by the carer. Carina then creates a short story based on what has been said, which has formal approval from the carer before being shared. While Carina is chatting with the carer, Tina (Invisible Army) is taking lots of photographs. Tina will take pictures of everyday tasks so we can see what the caring role really looks like. They are then asked if they would like a family portrait. This exhibition will be a public sharing of this process so far – they hope to raise the public understanding of caring.

Invisible Army know that carers are truly amazing individuals. Each story so far, told in words and pictures, has been incredibly powerful. They want to teach the public that this invisible army are working day and night with little or no support, keeping the person they care for healthy, happy, and safe.
Invisible Army 19 03
Photography Writing