Alternative Economies 2021 Screenshot 3 Rehana Zaman scaled 1800x1200 c center
Join us for a screening of Rehana Zaman’s film Alternative Economies (2021) followed by an open discussion with Shama Khanna, curator and founder of Flatness.

Made in collaboration with herbalist Rasheeqa Ahmad and financial services regulator Rachel Bardiger, Zaman’s film Alternative Economies relates the imperialist exploits of the Disney character Scrooge McDuck with the apparently radical yet deeply compromised promises of cryptocurrency. Between these two strands, possibilities for an alternative network of exchange and subsistence are sought.

Drawing upon the themes of alternative economic models, healing and solidarity suggested in Zaman’s film, Khanna leads an open group discussion to collectively imagine possibilities of (non-monetary) exchange.

No prior knowledge of the themes is required.


Exercises in Exchange is a series of public events and engagement activities concerned with alternative economies. Devised by Fiona Irene Graf, recipient of the 2023 Spike Island Engagement Fellowship for South West-based curators, Exercises in Exchange thinks through the possibilities of inter-mutual relationships and transboundary networks of reciprocity, asking how we can establish more nurturing, sustainable ways of being and interrelating within both human and non-human communities. In the face of ongoing economic and climate crises, the programme stresses the urgency to generate more equal economic structures based on kinship, collaboration and co-governance, and circularity.
Alternative Economies 2021 Screenshot 3 Rehana Zaman scaled 1800x1200 c center