Elg Post Birch LORES

Elg Post 57 Ep 2 'Dawn' by Rebecca Birch

For More Than Ponies Tele­vis­tas Rebec­ca Birch presents Elg Post 57, a series of live-streamed per­for­mance from a moose hunt­ing look out in Norway.

Opening Times
06:30 – 07:10
06.30 – 07.10 BST / 07.30 – 08.10 NO

For Televistas Rebecca Birch presents Elg Post 57, an episodic performance live-streamed from a moose hunting look out in the forest just above her home in Nittedal, Norway. Combining video, narration and collective waiting, the performance unfolds over the course of three Zoom meetings, hosted at dawn and dusk; the most active time of the day for the moose. Drawing together the analogous techniques for stillness in the landscape practised in Goethean Science and in deer and moose hunting, the work has been developed through research interviews with a Forestry England New Forest Keeper and with moose hunters active around Nittedal.