Jenna Garret

Elective Affinities

Group exhi­bi­tion by six inter­na­tion­al artists, con­sists of dis­parate visu­al essays observ­ing con­nec­tions between peo­ple, their beliefs and actions.

Elective Affinities, a group exhibition and publication by six international artists, consists of disparate visual essays observing connections between people, their beliefs and actions. The subjects and starting points of the essays range from the notebooks of a bereaved photographer's father, to the companionship of albino aunts, spiritually and myth in a tourist town in the Ozark mountains, the wall as a physical and psychological barrier in the township of Thokoza, a brief encounter through a letterbox and a journey through landscape and myth in the Basque country. Taking a variety of approaches, the artists’ explorations collectively reflect on the human condition.

Elective Affinities is the result of CATALYST, a seven-month international mentorship programme directed by IC Visual Lab (ICVL) in collaboration with Bristol Photography Festival supported by the Arts Council of England.
Jenna Garret