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Art crit­ic and cura­tor Paweł Polit, vis­it­ing Corn­wall from Poland, will give a talk on the works of pio­neer­ing Con­cep­tu­al artist Edward Krasiński.

Edward Krasiński (1925-2004) was a key protagonist of the Conceptual movement in Poland. A pioneer of installation art in the 1960s, he is best known for his use of blue adhesive tape: ‘I place it horizontally at a height of 130cm everywhere and on everything'. This included his Warsaw apartment studio (illustrated), which has been preserved as he left it.

In this talk art critic and curator Paweł Polit will discuss the role of photography in mediating the reading of Krasiński’s work, including the early Spears series, in which photographic documentation is used to reflect the notion of speed, and his subsequent Interventions, in which blue adhesive tape is shown delineating the entire space and all the objects within it.

The talk will be interspersed with fragments of the documentary Now I Am Revealing the Floor on Edward Krasiński, directed by Ignacy Szczepański.

Wednesday 17 May, 6pm
£12.50 including supper
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