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Drypoint Printmaking Workshop

Work­shop with Sue Coleman

Opening Times
11:00 – 13:00
Drypoint is the simplest and most direct of the intaglio processes. The technique is an etching process where an image is scratched into a metal or plastic plate with a drypoint tool to create an image. In drypoint, it is the ‘burr’ created by a scratching process that holds the ink and transfers the image when printed through a press. The more prominent the burr the darker the line.

You do not need to be an experienced artist to take part in this workshop as the instructor will be bringing a variety of images for inspiration or tracing. Please feel free to bring your own photographs of flowers, landscapes etc...

The objectives of this workshop are:

To provide an accessible art form that is easy to master!

To enable participants to have a finished plate and copies within one session.

To use a printing system and materials which are affordable if participants wish to carry on at home.

This workshop is for adults only. Book in advance via the Green Hill Arts website!