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Drip Splatter Smear

A solo exhi­bi­tion of paint, glass and paper works by Lau­ra Hathaway

You are welcomed to the opening of "Drip Splatter Smear' 11th May 2pm - 4pm West Gallery Quay Arts.

A solo exhibition by artist Laura Hathaway, showcasing a series of abstract glass and paper artworks, developed through the support of an Arts Council England DYCP grant and created in Laura’s studio in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

'Drip Splatter Smear' serves as a reflective marker of Laura's artistic progression, acknowledging the ten years since she embarked on her professional creative practice. In 2014, Laura's selection for a residency at Jubilee Stores provided her with invaluable support to begin developing her three dimensional paintings exploring glass and paper. This residency opportunity culminated in the collaborative exhibition "Line and Shade," hosted at the West Gallery. Through "Drip Splatter Smear," Laura extends an invitation for viewers to engage in a contemplative exploration of the subtle yet significant changes that have unfolded throughout her decade-long artistic journey.

Alongside completed pieces, Laura will be creating new works in the gallery space throughout the duration of the exhibition, exposing the artistic process alongside a desire to closely connect with audiences. This residency aspect adds a dynamic dimension to the showcase, allowing visitors to experience the evolution of Laura’s works firsthand, as they are incorporated into the exhibition throughout the two-month duration.

Laura's Work

Laura’s artistic expression is a tactile and immersive process. Painting directly onto glass and paper surfaces with her hands and finger tips, the physicality of pressing, smearing and throwing thick globules of paint onto glass and paper surfaces captures feelings and movements.

Laura incorporates music as an emotive trigger, allowing her to create marks and shapes that resonate with the intensity and intimacy of her own emotional experiences. The resulting works are a vivid and messy testament to her emotional journey, characterised by a visceral engagement with paint and an evolving dialogue of marks that form her unique visual language.

Closing event showcasing the completed exhibition and residency TBA.

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