Drawn, Remembered, Imagined

Print­mak­ing, paint­ing and ceram­ics by Rebec­ca Child, Vicky Emby and Jen­ny Frances

11/10/22 – 23/10/22
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 16:00
Mon–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
"My print practice is centred on capturing and responding to moments of expressed sensation or insight. Textured, enquiring and sometimes elusive in form my work enjoys an alchemic approach to process and the resulting transformations and combinations. More recently, I have been working to unify my ceramics practice with print, exploring clay monotyping and wood block relief plates as moulds and formers."
Jenny Frances

"My practice is rooted in observing and drawing. In the last few years, the process of making a monotype print has enabled me to distil the information from making a painting, to produce a different sort of art which in turn feeds back into my painting. All my prints, like my paintings, are unique; they are gestural and immediate and it is as important to me how they feel as much as it is about how they look."
Vicky Emby

"Drawing is the core of my work, and generally forms the basis of prints, using drypoint, collagraph and etching as mediums for a more developed body of work. I use landscape in my work, but tempered by memory and often mediated through images such as postcards. More recently domestic still life has become my subject, prompted by the staying at home over the last two years of Covid."
Rebecca Child