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Workshops & Courses

Dog Drawing - Zoom class

Join artist Sal­ly Muir, and her grace­ful whip­pet Lily, for an oppor­tu­ni­ty to cap­ture char­ac­ter and movement

This class will be taking place on Zoom and a selection of materials will be provided by post in advance as outlined below.*

Join artist Sally Muir, and her graceful whippet Lily, for an opportunity to capture character and movement when approaching the subject of our four-legged friends! Expect a session of exciting and unpredictable drawing, whilst building your confidence in working quickly and across a range of materials.

*(If class is booked after 26/11/21 we may not be able to provide all materials in time for the class)
Lily b838840d bbaf 4153 acab f08aa536b3ae 1500x