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DIY Solutions to End Tech Pain by Dasha Ilina

Work­shop design­ing spec­u­la­tive treat­ments for the symp­toms caused by excess dig­i­tal tech­nol­o­gy use

Opening Times
13:30 – 15:00
DIY Solutions to End Tech Pain is a workshop focused on imagining DIY objects against health problems that arise from technology, using materials you can find in your own home. This workshop will be taking place online, so the main focus will be sketching and conceptualising the various low-tech solutions, in order to create a discussion around the impact technology has on our physical and mental health. If you have ever experienced eye dryness from staring at a screen for too long or neck pain from looking down at your phone too much, this workshop is for you!

This workshop is facilitated by Dasha Ilina, founder of the Center for Technological Pain.

Center for Technological Pain (CTP) is a mock company that offers DIY and open source solutions to solve health problems caused by digital technologies such as smartphones and laptops. Among the prototypes, it has developed are mechanical eye shields that reduce eye-strain, a headset to free the user’s hands, an insomnia-free box and various more or less absurd contraptions to relieve strained elbows and fingers. CTP further questions the negative effects of technology by adapting self-defence techniques and organising workshops to fight this contemporary addiction.

Please note: For the workshop participants will need to have: a pen, some paper and a computer with a webcam.

Artist Bio

Dasha Ilina is a Russian digital artist based in Paris, France. Her work explores the relationship we develop with the digital devices we use on a daily basis, specifically in regards to the human body. Ilina’s work centres around notions of care and technology, DIY practices and low-tech solutions to examining various issues such as phone addiction, tech-related health problems and privacy in the digital age. She is the founder of the Center for Technological Pain, a centre that proposes DIY solutions to health problems caused by digital technologies. She is also the co-director of NØ SCHOOL.

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