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Dissolution to Evolution

Dis­so­lu­tion to Evo­lu­tion is a con­tem­po­rary art pro­gramme that explores sup­port sys­tems, social exper­i­ments and reli­gious beliefs.

This Autumn, Glastonbury Abbey will present works by contemporary artists, musicians and writers alongside a new collections display. The aim is to explore how support systems, social experiments and religious beliefs have changed through time.

The Abbey has helped travellers, pilgrims and local residents with access to food and education and with spiritual and mental wellbeing since the Middle Ages. In Glastonbury , the Dissolution of the Monasteries Act in 1539 resulted in the decimation of its community. By contrast, in the early twentieth century when the Abbey employed Frederick Bligh Bond as Director, this was seen as one of the starting points for the New Age Movement so important to Glastonbury’s identity. Recently, during Covid, its’ 36 acre site provided sanctuary once again.

Dissolution to Evolution reflects on societies’ ongoing attempts to dissolve, resolve and evolve co- operative structures, and will feature work by Rory Pilgrim and Olivia Plender and performances produced by Sally O’Reilly.

Find out more on the Somerset Art Works website.