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Details Corinna Wagner: TerraOceanus

This exhi­bi­tion explores our rela­tion­ship to rivers and seas, and to the edge lands around them.

Artworks will feature the built and natural environment, ruined and rewilded. There are abandoned piers and once-grand seaside hotels of the South West, northern industrial ruins, and lakeshore properties ravaged by forest fires in North America.
Wagner’s practice reflects this emphasis on renewability: she works in cyanotype and plant-based anthotype, prints on mulberry paper and cotton rag, processes images in seawater and sand, paints with oils made from reclaimed waste and with natural beeswax. These layered images, and her handmade photobooks, capture the haunting and ever-changing nature of coastlines, riverbanks and edgelands.
10 Wagner End of Mining smaller