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Defined By The Landscape - Exhibition Launch

Join us for a glass of wine at our launch event on Fri­day 4th Decem­ber 68 PM, a chance to meet the artist and view and hear more about the work.

Opening Times
18:00 – 20:00
Defined by the Landscape

Artizan Gallery is hoping their “unluckiest exhibitor ever” is destined for better fortune this December, as they attempt to launch their exhibition for a third time.

Louise Bougourd, a South Devon coastal and landscape artist, has had her exhibition postponed twice as a result of the pandemic, with the showcase originally scheduled to take place in March 2020, right at the start of the first national lockdown. A second attempt later that year was cancelled by a further lockdown that pushed into 2021, delaying the exhibition by over a year.

Now, more than 18 months on, Louise’s exhibition bares little resemblance to the one she was originally set to host, with a whole new body of work having been completed in the time that’s passed.

“We’ve got everything crossed that we’ll finally be able to launch Louise’s show which, taking into account when it was booked, we’ve been anticipating for over 2 years now! Her serene coastal works are totally gorgeous, and we’ll be hoping they find their way home with some Christmas buyers the showcase finally reaching audiences.” Julie Brandon, Artizan Gallery

Louise’s work is inspired by her natural surroundings, combining naturalism with imagination to create expressive, vibrant works. Her painting process always consists of the same journey. Initially, there are sketches on location that create bold interpretations of her surroundings. These works, which are many and plentiful, make their way to the studio, where larger pieces are produced either on canvas or wood panels. This scale allows Louise to be bold and gestural in her mark-making, resulting in works that evoke joy.

‘At the start of a painting my marks are intuitive and bold, as I move forward, considering composition, the painting has a way of determining my marks; the process slows and becomes considered – the balance between my initial responses and an analytical approach as I bring the painting to a resolution are crucial as I want to keep the freshness and vibrancy of my early marks.’ Louise Bougourd

Louise invites viewers to step into her vision, to experience the world as she sees and feels it, losing themselves in a different perspective that may offer respite and escape from the day-to-day. In leaving this space having experienced a work, she hopes viewers will go on to look at their surroundings with fresh eyes.

Largely self-taught, Louise works on multiple pieces at the same time, permitting a sense of freedom as she moves between panels and importantly, preventing her from overworking a piece early in its journey. Occasionally, Louise will rip sketches up to make collages removing her from the restraint of a particular scene, helping to eliminate any suggestion of representation.

Louise has exhibited work at the Mall Galleries, London with The Society of Women Artists and was selected to exhibit with Chelsea Art Society. Her work is also regularly exhibited at Fairs throughout the UK.

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