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David Moore | The Artist and Studio

A solo show of paint­ings by Pen­with Soci­ety of Arts Mem­ber, David Moore.

Join us for the open­ing evening on Friday 2nd February 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

The Artist and Studio | A solo show of paintings by Penwith Society of Arts Member, David Moore.

The artist’s studio is a place to develop ideas, of contemplation and creative practice. Although not all studios are the same, each artist has his or her own individual arrangements to accommodate these possibilities.

With some painters the pre-conditions in the pursuit of the development of ideas and practise can only be achieved through a loose framework of order and a tendency towards an albeit rather unconscious chaotic approach.

In the process of painting, accidental effects are important as the painting progresses. This results in the painting dictating to a certain degree the direction and what the next step will be.

If this is the case, it’s not surprising that an untidy looking studio will develop.

Where there is a dependency with the artist to follow instinctive and chance effects in the process of producing a painting, the areas of the studio could take on and reflect the activity of the artist. Of course some studios depend on a stricter pattern of order. This would again reflect in the work produced and the necessary condition of a working studio.

– David Moore
David Moore 1