Dana Finch Laurel Keeley Karen Mc Endoo Exhibition 2022 FINAL POSTER

Dana Finch, Laurel Keeley & Karen McEndoo

PRE­VIEW | Fri­day 30th Sep­tem­ber 17:30 onwards | 30th Sep­tem­ber — 29th Octo­ber 2022

Karen McEndoo, Laurel Keeley and Dana Finch are three artists whose work has been shown together previously, as part of the Terra Mater group. Here they are investigating the theme of 'Journeys' as they are all inspired by their travels, both in far flung places and walks through their local landscapes. The experience of travelling builds up a wealth of memories, sensations and experiences that provide inspiration for paintings and ceramics.

Karen McEndoo
Many artists find the idea of a blank canvas daunting and I am no exception. My first task is to break the whiteness by putting down a base colour which, because of the nature of my work, shines through and becomes an intrinsic part, uniting the picture as a whole.
It is rare that I plan the picture, the antithesis of what was drummed into me when studying, preferring instead to allow the work to develop its own language. Colour is everything to me and I spend a good deal of time mixing the hues and tones until I have arrived at a coherent palette, something I find a genuine pleasure. The rest is generally, albeit an oxymoron, ordered chaos.
Whilst working it is important for me is to disengage the thinking brain and allow instinct to take over, this can often take a good while to achieve but once you get there it resembles an artistic levitation and is deeply cathartic.
The act of placing paint onto any surface is rich in possibilities but every bit as fraught with challenges and frustration. Herein lies the crux of the exciting nature of painting, the never knowing what will arrive before you

Laurel Keeley
Here are the fields: the beauty of the ordinary.
I travel each day through the changing landscape beyond my door, watching
it shift with the seasons, offering new colour and sound.
Here is a discovered new world of the familiar.

Dana Finch
My work is a combination of sensation, memory and loose, unchronological narrative. I’m interested in the volumes and spaces of the world I see in fractured glimpses, the shapes described and filled by plants and other beings. My paintings have a strong decorative quality, but are based on mood and memory, the garden and the wild.
I work mainly in oil, but also in acrylic and mixed media, and my paintings are a process of stratification, building up and uncovering what is there.
Walking and being in the landscape, wherever it may be, is intrinsic to my practice. When this exhibition opens I will have just returned from walking the Camino, to Santiago de Compostela, from Porto, along the wild coastal route.
Dana Finch Laurel Keeley Karen Mc Endoo Exhibition 2022 FINAL POSTER
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