Heather Morfett ceramics

Contemporary Passions

A mixed exhi­bi­tion of art and crafts by mem­bers of the South Hams Arts Forum (SHAF)

05/07/22 – 17/07/22
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 15:00
Mon–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
Informal gallery talk with Kate Rattray and Christine Pascoe: 11 am on Sunday 10 July.

Marble artist Rachel O’Connell creates home accessories including aprons, soft furnishings and vessels using sustainable leather, cork, fabric, paper, glass and ceramics and, with her zero-waste philosophy in mind, vintage denim and repurposed copper thread. Rachel uses the traditional tools and slow, considered process of heritage crafts to realise her contemporary designs.

A mosaicist since 1994, Kate Rattray will show wall sculptures, constructed with wire, cement mixes, plaster and polystyrene before the addition of a mosaic skin. Themes include birds and moths in flight, and alongside nature Kate’s inspiration includes religion, mythology, metamorphosis - and the apocalypse.

Patricia Hitchens, known for her expressive painting and life drawing, has recently rekindled a love of jewellery-making, upcycling older jewellery and incorporating sea plastic and glass to give a distinctive look to her statement rings and quirky pieces.

A professional ceramic artist since 1998, Susan Luker is well known for her smoke fired Raku work. In recent years she has explored the potential of crawl and lichen glazes, clay slips and engobes, painted directly and expressively onto her hand built sculptural pots.

Alison Hannah’s creative practice combines poetry, paintings and ceramics, inspired by the landscape and shoreline of the south west and capturing the interactions between people and landscape. Social and conservation issues are considered in her practice.

Richard Bent FWCB brings artistic and architectural content to his work as a blacksmith, a craft with “roots deeply embedded in history”.

Watercolourist Christine Pascoe takes inspiration from her rural surroundings, painting en plein air in a naturalistic style. Her commissioned work has included animal portraits, houses and gardens, and from her self-taught beginnings she has progressed to tutoring others.

Jane Davarian is inspired by memories, people and “cultures rich in indigenous art”. Architectural and textile designs encountered on her travels may find their way into her printmaking, where bold monochrome allows for clarity of detail.

Heather Morfett enjoys the endless possibilities of working with clay embraces its unpredictability. Working as a therapist she is interested in how art and artmaking can shine a light on hidden issues, and she takes her creative inspiration from events in her life which have moved her, as well as from her environment and her travels.
Heather Morfett ceramics
Painting Sculpture