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Care Takers

A new series of work by Han­nah Wal­dron, an artist work­ing pre­dom­i­nant­ly with weav­ing, from her stu­dio at Potager, near Constantine.

“Care Takers is a body of work that has been produced slowly over the course of a year whilst I have been taking care of my new baby daughter. The act of care-taking became at the forefront of everything for me this year, yet when looking at the numerous acts of care taking place in society and nature, they are so often overlooked and fade into the background of what is valued. I wanted to use this opportunity to bring my attention to and celebrate acts of taking care within my environment; from nature based observations in the garden at my studio, to unseen ways in which care taking and nourishing interaction occurs in nature, for example underground mycelium networks, through to the process of handweaving itself.

These new series of weavings have been produced on a small handloom, using yarn dyed with natural dyes including woad, madder and weld, and embroidered at intervals on long walks around Falmouth whilst my daughter was sleeping.”

Hannah Waldron – Jan 2022

All works are for sale.
Hannah Waldron Care Takers banner resized