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how to Cap­ture Sea­son­al Plants; record plants from life and explore them in detail using the tech­niques of botan­i­cal art sketchbooking.

During this three day course, award-winning botanical artist Lucy T Smith will be teaching you how to Capture Seasonal Plants; record plants from life and explore them in detail using the techniques of botanical art sketchbooking.

Plants will be drawn and painted from life in the fields around Clayhill Arts. Later these will be taken back to the studio, where you will study them in more detail using magnification aids. By taking the plants from the field to the classroom, you have the opportunity to explore the complexities of the plants and develop an understanding of the different approaches needed to draw and observe from life.

You will be learning how to use sketchbooks to capture seasonal plants and how to use this as an ongoing process for your drawing and botanical illustration practice. The drawings that you will be creating for your sketchbook will become your own personal library. They can be used as a starting point to explore the plant life around you when you return home.

The sketchbook drawings can contribute towards later finished works, or be used for ongoing reflections. They can form the basis of a perpetual botanical journal which is something you can revisit season after season. This will allow you to take the time to notice what has been happening in the world and landscape around you.

At the end of the three days you will:

Have a sketchbook full of illustrations that explore scale as well as the technical details of the plants
Gained a greater understanding of how to use a sketchbook for your drawing practice
Built a journalling technique that helps you capture information about botanicals such as measurements, quick sketches, notes and colour studies which you can refer back to
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