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Bruce Timson | New Paintings

Join us for the open­ing night on Fri­day 4th Novem­ber 17:30 onwards!

This exhibition showcases a selection of my semi- abstract landscape and still life paintings produced since 2019.

I initially record the environment through observational drawing and watercolour studies. Elements of this source material are then artificially composed onto board and then abstracted to a greater or lesser degree through the process of painting. Whilst specific observed subject matter is a vital catalyst, it is more important to me that the finished paintings work in a formal sense, intuitively seeking a balance of colour, tone and composition. As a result some of my work retains obviously recognisable figurative elements whilst other paintings appear more ‘abstract’.

Modernist painters I have been influenced by include Peter Lanyon, Richard Diebenkorn, Ben Nicholson and Matisse. Nicholson’s understanding of formal composition and Matisse’s understanding of surface pattern has been particular influential in my recent work. In 2015 I switched from working in oil on canvas to working with acrylic and mixed media on board. I have found this new range of materials more aesthetically satisfying and they allow a stronger material link to my paper based preliminary studies. At the same time my subject matter has widened from semi-abstract landscape painting to include semi-abstract Still Life and Still Life-landscape hybrids.

Bruce Timson June 2022
Bruce poster final for web Copy