BREATHE: Jane Sheppard + Robert Woolner

BREATHE brings togeth­er ceram­i­cist Jane Shep­pard and painter Robert Wool­ner, two artists who con­nect deeply to mate­r­i­al and texture.

09/09/22 – 30/10/22
Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tue–Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
They invite us to pause and take time to contemplate. It is beautiful, immersive work which offers a rare moment of peace and calm in a frenetic world.

"It's deeply moving to work with inner ancestral voices that quietly say, "Listen to the earth. Watch it. Protect it. It is precious because it is you and you are it." Spotlighting that which is beautiful, precious and meaningful feels most important." | Jane Sheppard

"I spend all my days staring at these images and trying to order them to achieve a kind of rightness and stability and calm. If at some stage a person looks at them and stops and feels the same thing, I've succeeded. In the end all I really want to do is stop time and visual experience to that moment of quiet contemplation." | Robert Woolner