Mandy Bloomfield Bitesize
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Bitesize: Poetry and Blue Humanities

Dr Mandy Bloom­field draws on her research exper­tise in poet­ry, crit­i­cal the­o­ry and lit­er­ary envi­ron­men­tal studies.

This short talk considers shorelines as ‘meeting places.’ The interface between land and sea is a space to cross tracks and lifeways with others: human and more-than-human; terrestrial and oceanic; past, present and future. At the strandline we may also cross paths with numerous signs of anthropogenic change in the seas that are changing the cultural meanings of the ocean. What can the sea and its shorelines teach? How might we learn to listen to what they are telling us? How might literature and visual art help in this endeavour?

Dr Mandy Bloomfield is Associate Professor in Modern and Contemporary Literature at the University of Plymouth, where she teaches literary studies and environmental humanities. She is the author of Archaeopoetics: Word, Image, History (University of Alabama Press, 2016) and has published numerous essays on contemporary poetry and ecology in journals such as Contemporary Literature, Green Letters, Configurations, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment and The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Anthropocene. She is currently working on a book about modern poetry and the sea in an era of environmental crisis.
Mandy Bloomfield Bitesize