Louise firth
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Bitesize: Living Sea Wall

Dr Louise Firth shares her inter­est in the rela­tion­ship between humans and coastal ecosys­tems and how this rela­tion­ship has changed over time.

Join marine ecologist Dr Louise Firth for a fascinating insight into the importance of substrate complexity and its profound impact on marine life. In this interactive Bitesize you will discover how regular seawalls can be transformed into thriving ecosystems through manipulating the surface roughness of seawalls. The hidden dynamics of marine ecosystems and the pivotal role played by ecosystem engineers like limpets will be revealed. Dr Firth's presentation will shed light on the delicate balance between biodiversity and substrate complexity, unveiling the secrets behind the success of living seawalls as vibrant marine habitats.

Dr Louise Firth is a marine ecologist who works in both natural and artificial coastal environments. She is interested in the relationship between humans and coastal ecosystems (Marine Community Ecology) and how this relationship has changed over time (Historical Ecology). She is particularly interested in developing novel ways of making space for nature in human-dominated environments (Eco-Engineering).
Louise firth