Beyond the Mind

Beyond the Mind

Beyond The Mind presents a showreel from BA Cre­ative Media, and a show­case of 27 inter­dis­ci­pli­nary stu­dio-based fine art prac­tices from BA Fine Art.

Beyond The Mind presents a showreel from BA Creative Media, and a showcase of 27 interdisciplinary studio-based fine art practices from BA Fine Art, that these graduating students have developed over the course of three years at the University of Plymouth.

BA (Hons) Creative Media
This showreel of visual storytelling displays the variety of media the artists have embraced to explore issues that are central to their lives and the culture they are immersed in. The works explore a broad range of themes including transgression, violence, mental health, civic space, love and nostalgia. Venue: The Levinsky Gallery

BA (Hons) Fine Art
Each exhibiting artist has explored concepts including: feminism, identity, a critique of socio-political institutions, history, personal experiences, trauma/emotions and the art of landscape storytelling.
Beyond The Mind invites a conversation between the artist and audience, to provoke reflections on the themes and concepts explored by the artists. The exhibition includes work in a variety of media, encompassing painting, ceramics, video installation, photography, and live performance. Venue: The Levinsky Gallery & Studio 101
Beyond the Mind