Bare Life Social 4

Bare Life: Art Despite Everything

Bare Life is a mul­ti-site con­tem­po­rary art project, tak­ing place in art venues, emp­ty shop spaces and pub­lic con­texts around Exeter city centre.

16/06/23 – 25/06/23
Bare Life is a multi-site contemporary art project, taking place in art venues, empty shop spaces and public contexts around Exeter city centre from 16-25 June 2023. Initiated by students on the MA Curation course at University of Exeter, the aim is to reflect upon the harsh cultural climate we find ourselves in, post-pandemic, in the midst of a cost of living crisis, with war in Ukraine, a hostile environment for migrants, the NHS in meltdown, widespread industrial action and a growing alienation amongst young people from the workplace and consumer culture.

With a sub-title of ‘art despite everything’, each of the five curatorial projects in Bare Life engages with a different aspect of this contemporary moment in a spirit of optimism and solidarity, placing an emphasis on giving a voice to artists. The aim is to provide a positive and mutually supportive platform, working in collaboration with local communities and young people to envisage a better future.

16 – 25 June 2023
PV: 15 June 2023 5-8pm
Opening daily: 12 – 5pm

University of Exeter
MA Curation