Olivia Furber and Ramzi Maqdisi 2 sin título 2

b-side festival 2021

b‑side fes­ti­val returns to the the Isle of Port­land, four days of brand new art­works you won’t see any­where else

09/09/21 – 12/09/21
b-side festival returns to the Isle of Portland, Dorset 09 -12 Sept with four days of brand new site responsive artworks you won't see anywhere else. See spectacular projections on ancient castles, ride the No 1 bus like never before, get a makeover in the unnatural beauty parlour, take a tour of a secret city where daily life is stranger than fiction join in with, witness and experience some remarkable events and artworks inspired by this fascinating island. Most events are free. New work by Anna Brownsted, Dan Shorten and Guildhall Live Events, Joe Borez and James Laming, Katie Surridge, Olivia Furber and Ramzi Maqdisi, Sadie Hennessy, Daniela Nofal, Lotte Scott, Ilona Skladzien. Full Programme will be announced July 2021.