Aster Guinness 2048x1563

Aster Guinness

With roots in West Pen­with, Aster Guin­ness shows a series of har­mon­ic still lives, land­scapes, and por­traits. The pieces rep­re­sent her think­ing about

With roots in West Penwith, Aster Guinness shows a series of harmonic still lives, landscapes, and portraits. The pieces represent her thinking about home, good and evil, softness, and a life mothering solo.

The writer Alan Moore once said “Illuminate your little patch of ground, the people that you know, the things you want to commemorate.” Aster paints and draws her friends and family, and the things and animals that have meaning to her. Close-cropped portraits, people in interiors, and landscapes. They are about being a mother of twins, isolation, and the burden of unconscious drives.

The glass bottles with flowers she paints like couples in relationships – they face out, sometimes towards each other, and inside they reflect and refract each other’s emotions and thoughts. In painting flowers she’s thinking about physical beauty and perfection, and how it’s tied up with measurement. Aster’s paintings are often muted and abstracted, she uses colours that harmonise and takes a lot of time over composition.

All works are for sale.

Price list available a few days prior to the show opening. Works will also be available on our online shop.
Aster Guinness 2048x1563