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Artizan Studio Residency - Ian Cox - Part of Devon Open Studios

Wel­com­ing Print­mak­er Ian Cox Win­ner of the 2021 Arti­zan Stu­dio Grant

11/09/21 – 26/09/21
Opening Times
Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00
Mon–Tue, Closed
Wed–Sat, 11:00 – 17:00
free admission
As part of the Torbay Venue Grants, printmaker Ian Cox will be hosted at Artizan Gallery in their basement space for Devon Open Studios 2021.

The Torbay Venue Grants awarded nine 50% fee awards to artists opening their own studios across the English Riviera, and one full fee award with hosting for an individual artist unable to open their own venue. Ian Cox will be setting up a functioning temporary studio space at Artizan's Lucius Street Gallery as they welcome audiences to this years event.

Here you'll be able to meet Ian, explore his work, and find out more about printmaking and his process.

Inspired by the wilder parts of the Devon and Cornwall landscape.
For the most part, my limited-edition relief lino prints, created from my photography, drawing and 'accidental' mark-making, are inspired by my love for, and experience of, the wilder parts of the Devon and Cornwall landscape.

In particular, I am inspired by: landscapes with secrets man-made marks made long ago, that have managed to survive into our time the way landscape is sometimes more ceremonial than it is wholly natural the curious multi-track behaviour of time my sense of space despite my inability to perceive it in its true state the way my memories masquerade as a true narrative, rather than an almost-wholly imagined one the often-serendipitous relationship between coincidence and forgetfulness minor, rather than major chords - especially when they can be seen, rather than heard
My background is in client-led commercial illustration and design. which may be why I find the idea of commissioning my own work both exhilarating, and occasionally challenging.

It took printmaking a long time to find me - although I may not have been ready had our paths crossed earlier, but it now feels like the creative relationship I've been searching for all my life. My approach to my work is intense and absorbing - I spend tens of hours on each print, cutting the lino in what, to some, appears to be an almost excruciatingly detailed way - but I've always been fascinated by techniques involve minute detail - as if that detail might contain the often-elusive spirit of the subject I have chosen.

For me, my work process is as absorbing as it is almost all-consuming, as creative as it is potentially self-destructive, and as life-affirming as it is a constant personal challenge to understand the point of my presence on the planet.
Optimized Ian Cox