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Art Of The School

Influ­ences on Child­hood and Adolescence

19/03/22 – 10/04/22
Opening Times
Sun–Mon, Closed
Tue–Sat, 11:00 – 17:00
free admission
Artizan are delighted to welcome Royal Academy Summer Exhibition exhibitor, Becky Nuttall to the Courtyard Gallery for this solo show of recent works produced from Becky’s home studio in Brixham.

Coming from a creative family I was always drawn to imagery and how artists interpreted the known and unknown, the sacred and profane, the human, the humane and the inhumane.

The convent I attended as a child and teenager was dominated by religious imagery, the secular world mostly ignored unless it mirrored conformity and patriarchy.

My influences became rock music, fashion, feminism, popular culture, art school, Dada, modernism and the places and objects my family loved; the symbols of love, conflict and loss.

I create the works in the Art of the School to acknowledge these and the impact religious violence, guilt, piety, sainthood, patriarchal art history and conformity had on a young girl – considering how I challenged and interpreted these in my adolescence. I create intertextual works in adulthood as I deconstruct and reconstruct the relationship between my education, Catholicism, my adolescence, my identity and my family’s creativity to create a new context in my own art. I am not a Catholic and although challenging, this has become an interesting collaboration.
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