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Art for Climate Action: Community Projects

Art for Cli­mate Action: Com­mu­ni­ty Projects is an intro­duc­tion to two new­ly com­mis­sioned projects led by artists Lizzie Jones and Har­ry Meadows.

Art for Climate Action is a programme that explores the role that art has to play in encouraging people to connect with environmental issues and bring about meaningful change in perceptions and behaviours, leading to climate action and climate solutions. We believe that art has the power to make change and encourage radical thinking, enabling us to imagine and build a better future together.

Art for Climate Action: Community Projects is an introduction to two newly commissioned projects led by artists Lizzie Jones and Harry Meadows. Acknowledging the need for collective and collaborative approaches to climate action, the artists have been invited to connect with communities in Southampton and co-produce a new body of work which will be exhibited at God’s House Tower in November this year.

This exhibition showcases the artists’ ongoing practices and projects that deal directly with environmental concerns. Lizzie’s project, Puppet Back Up proposes active moments as ways to explore, participate and raise questions. In the Main Gallery, Lizzie presents inspirations and approaches for Puppet Back Up through painted banners, cantastoria and scenes, alongside characters from previous climate related happenings. Harry’s practice explores how we make sense of our environment by extending our human senses with digital tools and plant life. His weather station sculptures are on display in the Barker-Mill Project Space, contorted frameworks that explore combinations of digital climate sensors, animals, plants and the food we use to sense our climate.

The current climate emergency is an urgent and critical concern worldwide. As a cultural organisation, it is our responsibility at ‘a space’ arts to reduce and mitigate our own environmental impact as well as raising awareness and instigating climate action through our programme. This year, we’ve committed to creating a new climate action plan for the organisation, alongside launching the Art for Climate Action programme.

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