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'Art Alchemy' Ruary Allan Solo Exhibition

Enter anoth­er world, inspired by nature & psy­che­del­ic cul­ture. A visu­al pil­grim­age of colour, chaos & imagination.

Ruary Allan is a Scotish born Artist who currently resides in Glastonbury, and spends much of his time working in his attic studio at Heart of The Tribe Gallery. Inspired by nature and psychedelic culture, Ruary has been inexorably drawn to express his inner vision. His visual pilgrimage focuses on the use of colour, chaos and spatiality to recreate worlds of the imagination, symbolic mindscapes mediated by free association. His work is reminiscent of surrealists such as Dali and Kahlo and the unusual narratives that can be found in much of his work has also been compared to the Dutch renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch.

“Art is absurdly serious fun. It takes spontaneous craft and arduous play. Mind goes out through the senses, regarding and regaining nature in a mirror of vapour. Art is the condensation you can write your name in. Alchemy is the creative process that imbues the materials with intention. Artworks are magical objects. The artist collapses wave functions of potential data which are reasserted in the observer. Mind is redistributed to bring cognition of a common condition and to reveal new depths on the horizon.” – Ruary Allan

We will be exhibiting a large selection of original oil paintings both old and new as well of having various sizes of Giclée prints available for many of the works. The artist will be available to meet in person at the private view which will be held at the gallery on the evening of Wednesday the 30th of June between 6.30 and 8.30 pm.
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Drawing Painting