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This prac­ti­cal 2 day and night course with artist Pauline Wool­ley will explore Alter­na­tive Pho­tog­ra­phy techniques.

This practical 2 day and night course with artist Pauline Woolley will explore Alternative Photography techniques including how to make your own pinhole cameras to produce solargraphy and how to develop your own Lumen prints without using a camera at all.

You will learn how to make two types of solargraph cameras. The first is from 35mm empty film canisters, the second will be from empty drink cans. You will then be shown how to install the camera, expose and process your long exposure of the sun. You will also learn how to photograph or scan the paper negative and then invert the image.

Through traditional and contemporary examples, you will learn how to make camera-less images known as lumen prints. You will be shown the process using natural items such as leaves and flowers and other objects of interest. This involves placing objects onto photosensitive paper and exposing them to sunlight. Pauline will also demonstrate other light-sensitive techniques such as pre-prepared cyanotype paper and turmeric and alcohol on paper and inkjet paper, as alternative methods for you to experiment with and you will be shown how to scan in or take photos of these images.

Part 3 – Under a night sky

*Please Note: this part is an evening workshop element*

You will be introduced to a sky app called Stellarium during this part so that after the course you can explore the night sky in your own time and understand the rhythm of the sky.

Pauline will also introduce you to phone camera apps that can be used to take basic wide-view images of the night sky, and for those students who wish to bring it along, a simple set-up for doing the same with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

By the end of the course you will:

Have acquired the skills to be able to make your own cameras at home
Be able to make simple sun based camera-less images to explore further in your art practice
Have an understanding of the night sky and how to use available apps to help you navigate this further
No prior knowledge is needed for this course and is aimed at beginners who are interested in Alternative Photography techniques, light and the night sky. A willingness to have a go is the only thing needed!