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Also Artists: A Staff Exhibition

An exhi­bi­tion of art­work made by RWA staff members.

This diverse and lively exhibition showcases more than 80 distinctive pieces created by 43 members of the RWA team. It encompasses individuals from various departments, such as the office staff, front-of-house team, freelancers, and Drawing School Tutors. "Also Artists" is dedicated to honouring the unique creative talents of the remarkable individuals who contribute to the daily operation of the RWA.

Beyond offering our dedicated staff the opportunity to display their artwork in a professional gallery environment, this exhibition has opened doors for members of the Visitor Experience team to gain insights into different organisational roles and acquire valuable skills that will shape their careers in the cultural sector.

The RWA Visitor Experience Team is the driving force behind the curation, organization, and installation of "Also Artists." We're eagerly anticipating the chance to share this exhibition with you and demonstrate that we too are artists.