Alone Together 3 for press release

Alone Together: A Spectrum from Isolation to Solitude

A response to the shared yet unique expe­ri­ences of lockdown

23/09/22 – 28/09/22
Opening Times
Sun–Wed, 11:00 – 18:00
Thursday, Closed
Friday, 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday, 11:00 – 18:00
The installation Alone Together is a hanging body of prints, which represents aloneness as a spectrum from isolation to solitude.
Loneliness is a painful feeling of something missing. Aloneness, on the other hand, has a breadth of connotations from the joy of solitude pioneered by ‘The Picturesque Movement’ to isolation as an enforced state.
Each artist responds differently to the experiences along this spectrum. Their responses are interwoven but individual: Bugler using the theme of wooded enclosures; Bradley, the symbolism of keys; and, Chandiramani, language and folding.
The installation itself forms a curved line with the artworks creating an enclosure which can be entered and viewed from inside or outside. The ‘solitude end ’of the spectrum is wide and inviting, the ‘isolation end’ tightly wound and claustrophobic. Translucent materials evoke the fragility of our experiences as individuals, whilst allowing the viewer to see through the multiple layers.
SPIKED is an artists’ collective creating installations to explore communication and memory. The artists have each been awarded the Peter Reddick Bursary for Innovation in Relief Printmaking by Spike Print Studio at Spike Island, Bristol.