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A Sound Journey to Freedom by Phantom Limb and Noise in Yangon

A Sound Jour­ney to Free­dom is a col­lab­o­ra­tive exhi­bi­tion by Phan­tom Limb and Noise in Yan­gon, explor­ing musi­cal ideas through visu­al art.

A Sound Journey to Freedom is a collaborative exhibition by Phantom Limb and Noise in Yangon, in which musical ideas are expressed through visual art from artists in Myanmar and the UK.

A traditional score is not the only way to communicate a musical/sound idea. In fact, for more complex ideas than can be notated traditionally, an alternative means of expression might be more effective.

Myanmar has been under military siege since Feb 2021. Many people there are engaged in an ongoing civil disobedience movement and various peaceful protests, as well as the assimilation of a civilian & armed defence force. Despite the challenges of everyday life in the country (banks not working, schools not working) and the enormous sense of disappointment amongst young people in having lost the relative freedom they have enjoyed in 10 years of relative democracy, the spirit amongst the artistic community remains vibrant. This is not to discount the presence of very real violence being exacted upon the public by the military junta daily, across the country.

Thanks to British Council funding, we present this exhibition of visual art works curated Phantom Limb Touring and Noise in Yangon, intended to be interpreted in sound from artists based in their counterpart country. Where perhaps an appropriate response from government, leaders, international community etc is lacking, or is ineffective, we have tried to create the conditions for feeling, and a response to be voiced through art, exhibition & performance. We offer an opportunity to respond to and engage with issues and narratives outside of those presented through daily media bandwidth, in a location pertinent to the issues at hand – Southampton, the old locale of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Featuring: Anton Lukoszevieze, Gaspard Casimir, Irma Vep, Kim Macari, Kyee Nyo.Gabriel Htoo, Kam Seng Aung, Joshua Weitzel, Samuel Tsao: Tan Bone သံဗုံ, Moe Myat May Zarchi aka P.O.E.M & Benjamin Oliver, Musica Htet, Miedo Total, Thoughtform

The exhibition is open at God’s House Tower from Friday 21st January – Sunday 20th February 2022.

Admission to the exhibition is free and we are kindly asking for donations to Noise in Yangon on your visit.

The project concludes with 2 performances of a programme of select audio-visual responses at Southampton MAST studio theatre on May 27th and 28th featuring: Apartment House, Benjamin Oliver, Kim Macari, Kam Seng Aung, Miedo Total, more TBC + very special guests..!