Ian Parker Liquorice Allsorts Oil 35x35cm 2350

A Passion for Beauty: A new joint show by Ian Parker and Neil Cox

A joint exhi­bi­tion in Devon by two high­ly respect­ed UK painters helps high­light every­day beauty!

28/05/22 – 05/06/22
Marine House at Beer is delighted to be showcasing new work by two highly respected painters – Ian Parker and Neil Cox. The joint show will present new paintings by both artists whose work complements each other. While birds and still life paintings may seem disparate, the rationale for this choice of pairing is found in the meticulous detail and observation both Ian and Neil imbue in their paintings. Also, their paintings are frequently quite small in scale and this “reduction” of visual representation does, both visually and emotionally, increase the powerful impact of both artists’ work.
Ian Parker Liquorice Allsorts Oil 35x35cm 2350