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Exhibitions Pop-up show featuring Falmouth Fine Art Graduates Pop-up show fea­tur­ing Fal­mouth Fine Art Graduates

Sunday 14th November 2021, 1pm – 5pm.

A pop-up show featuring Falmouth Fine Art Graduates, Amy Morgan, Elizabeth Langley and Mikey Croft. In 2020, each artist was awarded the Cultivator Graduate Studio Grant at CAST, Helston. This exhibition brings together new work by all three artists, from figurative painting to abstracted paper sculptures and textural panels.

Mikey Croft

“I think fundamentally the work I make is a kind of internal self-portraiture.

I see it as a way of exorcising an accumulation of thoughts and feelings that have been collected over my life. I’m starting to see the work as a synthesis of conscious and unconscious experience, often dancing between abstraction and representation. I rely heavily on feeling and intuition.

The most important feeling I rely on is a feeling of truth; fundamentally the work has to feel truthful. By making the work I find things out about myself. I have a suspicion that as I exist in this specific time and place, the best way I can comment on this existence is by making the most individually truthful work possible.

The work helps me get closer to understanding the question ‘who am I?’ – a question that I find acutely complex and compelling.”

Website: mikeycroft.com / Instagram: @mikey.croft

Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan’s practice is a conversation between body and architectural space through sculpture. Using movement as a language, the forms embody emotion as a way of communicating and understanding. We are invited into a performative dance, moving with, around, between and amongst, tracing the exterior and interior contours of the structures.

Through a repetitive process, Morgan immerses herself in a meditative obsession of manipulating the material as a way of performing self-care. A ritual act of thinking and being through process and material. Working between paper and metal, she cuts, folds, twists, and coils the medium, building an intimacy between body and material. With craftsmanship at the core, Morgan playfully moves back and forth between control and intuition.

As the forms dance, the layered textures create illusions that echo our search for order, comfort, stillness, and certainty. Yet these remain elusive and ever-changing like the work itself.

Website: amymorgan.art / Instagram: @amymorgxn

Elizabeth Langley

Elizabeth/Lillibet (b .1998 London, UK) is a visual artist living in Falmouth and is continuing to work at CAST Studios, Helston.

Specialising in oil painting, her practice has revolved around denouncing traditional perceptions of childhood. Commonly exploiting instances and objects from her personal history with a dark, often satirical edge; she extinguishes the candle on customarily happy memories.

Since graduating last year, she has gone on to become a member of the international online collective, Cane-yo!. Elizabeth also has exhibited in group shows nationally and online, with her works selling internationally. She was shortlisted for the Beep Painting Prize and longlisted for the Jacksons Painting Prize. Incorporating drawing and sculpture into her practice her subject matter has also expanded over this period.

“I’m inspired by the broody sensibilities of Belgian painters. My paintings present temporal spaces of before or after-events; guided by a prevailing tense atmosphere. Becoming more interested in the complexities of visual or cinematic tropes, I have been collecting film stills or found images for painting reference. I then translate these elements into unnerving narratives which are intended to be read across multiple canvases.”

Website: elizabethsaskialangley.com / Instagram: @elizabethsaskialangley
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