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17th Community Art Exhibition in Virtual Reality

A new art exhi­bi­tion in Vir­tu­al Reality

17/05/24 – 13/06/24
17th Community Art Exhibition in Virtual Reality.

You are invited to visit it and enjoy the art and the creativity of:

Dylan, Patrizia Fanciulli, TG Freeson, Christina Godley, Louis Christian Hess, Jackie Hopfinger, Keemar Keemar, Svetlana Kotina, Donna Mayes, Haochen Ren, Bryn Richards, Faye Waddington, Olasumbo Wright, Ely X.

Free entry, of course. And you can get in directly from your sofa, even if it is pouring rain outside, or even if you are thousands of miles away and wearing a pyjama. It is never too far, never too cold, never too hot to enjoy the art exhibition in virtual reality. Explore it, and support our art community.

You don't need a VR headset kit or sophisticated equipment to walk in and explore it. You can easily use your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The exhibition is open 24/7, so you can visit it whenever you want.

If you like an artwork, and you would like to buy it, you can contact the artist directly. Or we can redirect your requests if you prefer to write to us. We do not take commissions from the sales, so you can be sure the whole amount will be for the artist.

There is the option to look at the painting closer in AR (Augmented Reality) with the specific app you can download in your app store: art.augmented.

As you open it, type in the search field CIRCULAR ARTSPACE and you will get the show. Click in, and scroll through the catalogue. If you wish you can select one of the artwork and virtually put it on the wall of your house, office or wherever you like and enjoy it.

If you like the show, please share it with your friends and your community.

To enter and visit the exhibition please follow this link https://circularartspace.co.uk/17thvr
17thvr panoramica