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Future Proof, Ep 1: Setting the Scene

Tune into the first part of the Future Proof series, where we intro­duce the focus of dis­cus­sions from a col­lec­tion of artists, cura­tors and academics.

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On 20th September 2019, we invited artists, curators, arts organisations and audiences to gather for a day of discussions and learning.

This event (titled 'Future Proof') had the goal of identifying and addressing key challenges of our region while establishing collective survival strategies for the future in perpetually changing conditions. Our speakers explored: post-truth politics and the accelerated aggregation of wealth that obstruct effective responses to ecological decline; the importance of hearing young voices as an essential driving force of social change; pedagogical and activist traditions in collective working; and the resilience, solidarity and care required to sustain diverse artistic and curatorial practices.

This is the first part of a series of video presentations and podcasts from Future Proof, recorded live during the event. In it, Paula Orrell (Visual Arts South West), Helen Palmer (Palmer Squared) and Gary Topp (Arnolfini) introduce the concept behind 'Future Proof' and opens up the room for the discussions to come.

Future Proof Setting the Scene 2
Future Proof Setting the Scene
  • Future Proof Setting the Scene 2
  • Future Proof Setting the Scene
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